The consortium representing CREATORS H2020 project is launching an Open Call for Proposals to find 6 new sites around Europe that are interested in becoming “Tier 3” Pilots of CREATORS.
These 6 selected Tier 3 pilots will be granted a pre-feasibility study for a Community Energy System (CES) that will be developed with the help of CREATORS’ partners and service packages developed. The study will be composed of a technical, financial and governmental analysis to find the best approach to create a CES project.
One of the main objectives of CREATORS is to promote CES projects across Europe and steer market uptake. By delivering these free studies, CREATORS aims to support local initiators and actors in the set-up and promote replicability of CES.

Interested in a free pre-feasibility study but need support with your application

How to apply

Download and read attentively the “Guide for applicants”. Fill the “Application form” and upload it in the form bellow.

Do you still don´t know whether to register you proyect or not? Contact us through and we will solve all your doubts. Send the description of your pilot and a partner will give you the guidance you need. Don´t wait to sign up!